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“I would not be where I am now without your support.”

Edward Leung, pianist

Open Music Foundation, (formerly Olgarhythm Music Charity, Reg No. 1162941) was founded in 2015 by classical pianist Olga Jegunova and actuary Glyn Eggar. During 7 productive years OMF has supported over 60 scholars (often repeatedly) helping their career growth internationally. We recognise gifted people and help them find security and stability in the challenging classical music world. We also support classical music students and artists in the United Kingdom, and fundraise for classical music festivals and other individual projects. Our goal is to create a bridge between musicians and supporters who understand the importance of culture, art and classical music, and who are keen to explore an inner world of creativity.


Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE and Sir András Schiff


Olga Jegunova // Founder:

Olga Jegunova is a multifaceted Russian-Latvian artist combining various genres and disciplines. While being a classical concert pianist, she puts strong emphasis on educational projects and philanthropic work.

Alongside her award-winning pianist career, she has committed to a varied practice collaborating with other artists, publishing digitally and in print, launching a podcast as well as supporting musicians through fund-raising concerts. Olga has been playing piano for over 3 decades during which she performed in various genres as a soloist and in ensembles recognised by multiple international awarding bodies, artists and educational organisations.



Glyn Eggar // Co-founder:

Glyn is a classical non musician. He has not performed his first musical recital aged 4, he has not attended any prestigious (or otherwise) music institutions and he has certainly not won any international, national or local competitions. He is however a qualified actuary and a director of two companies, which means he is an ideal person to help make sure the charity is being managed appropriately and everything runs smoothly.


At Open Music Foundation we are passionate about what we do. Our founders work voluntarily so that we can proudly say to our donors that 100% of donations received will go towards the musicians' needs.


Bernard Oppetit



Christian Moehring

Nilufar Sharipova

ABChef Catering

Carole & Gelson

johannes sebastian bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

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