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Amit Chandran

Ralfs Grundmanis

Evita Pehlaka

Inga Liukaityte

Shaunak Desai

Diyora Kurbonova

Katie Jones

Alessandro D'orazio

Mariana Rybakova

Alexandra Nemodruk

Elizabeth Kandelaki

Roberts Balanas

Alexander Austin

Loulou Andraws

David Karapetian

Edward Vanhegan

Alia Chaabo

Anna-May Rosiek Nguyen

Danielle Lee

Adriana Hamelton

Jemil Khairov

Leila Khairov

Arun Padam Mehta

Dominic O'Sullivan

Elara Wragg

Anton Poluneev

Kseniya Poluneeva

Bella Sudbin

Leonora Kleijnen

Talia Kleijnen

Margarita Balanas

Mila Dymek

Molly Kardakova

Daniil Kardakov

Catherine Hooper

Claudia Dima

Yuri Poluneev

Desirée Oghomi

Luca Buraschi

LRMS free allocation

Lotte Betts Dean

Lyrit Milgram

Edward Keenan

Martin Burgess

Mark Butler

Alicja Herma

Kirsty Mcleod

Steven Isserlis

Amarins Wierdsma

M Shilyaev

Molly McWhirter

Edward Leung

Ben Horden

Michael Foyle

Ian Rathbone

Alicja Smietana

Corran String Quartet

Daniel Bates

Anush Hovhannisyan

Martin Cousin

Isaac Tolley

James Pearson

Petr Limonov

Julianna Antczak

Chloe Winand

Jessica Edom

Rusne Tuslaite

Jennifer Statham

Yevheniia Kozhukharyk

Les Neveux de Rameau

Emily Rooke

Oksana Lepska

Julia Klimek

Ruslan Pankov


lyrit bw.jpg

Lyrit Milgram

'When covid hit, the whole world ground to a halt. The music scene was shattered, and along with it, its musicians. It was then that I heard of Open Music Foundation who were so generously supporting musicians like myself who had been left stranded. They made the transition from all to nothing much easier, and have shown kindness and generosity when there wasn’t much else going around.

Now that life has more or less returned to normal, with music and art flourishing once again, Open Music Foundation has not ceased to carry on its mission of supporting musicians, and with their help, I and many others will be able to continue making music in the knowledge that others care for our art and want us to succeed.'

Isaac bw.jpg

Isaac Tolley

'The Open Music Foundation has helped me pursue my goal of a career in opera at the highest level, supporting me in the costs of my relocation and giving me the chance to raise further funds at upcoming concerts. Our turbulent time means that artists at the start of our careers need the support of music lovers more than ever, and the open music foundation does a wonderful job of fostering young talent. I am so grateful for their support, mentorship and investment in my musical development.'

mila bw.jpg

Mila Dymek and her mother

'Creating the events where kids perform and see other kids/young adults of a high standard set such great bench mark for where they should be going was really something great to be part of. It sent a message of the level you need to be at to rise and do well – you showed the kids of what true excellence looks like and that it takes work.
We saw sublime performances close up, and it imbued the divinity of classical music. Those gatherings are still something we remember and cherish.'

Martin bw .jpg

Martin Burgess

'I was put in touch with the Foundation in 2020 by chance. By this time, as with so many other performing artists, I had had to take an alternative job at a supermarket in order to make ends meet, along with my wife, who is also a violinist. While it was inspiring to meet other displaced workers and make new friends, it required long, anti-social hours doing manual work, not exactly conducive to looking after my hands!

Olga and Glyn held out a life-line with financial aid that meant we could afford to pay our mortgage. I cannot express how grateful I was and am still. I had always tried to insure that should I ever not be able to play, my family would be helped, but had no idea what to do when the music profession itself ground to a halt. The Foundation organised support so calmly and efficiently. 


Lili Boulanger (1893 – 1918)

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